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Bamboo Steamer Basket 10 inch with Accessories 20 Wax Papers Liners, 2 Pair Chopsticks, 2 Sauce Ramekins

  • HANDMADE - Steamer for cooking is made using natural bamboo. Bamboo basket is eco-friendly for nature and for usage.
  • šŸ“¦CONVENIENT KIT - All you need is 2 tiers of baskets with a dome-shaped lid made of wicker bamboo, 2 sets of chopsticks, 2 sauce dishes and 20 wax peppers.
  • šŸ“DIMENSIONS - The steamer has a diameter of-10", the height of each tier is 2 " Chopsticks (each length) - 8.7", Saucepans diameter-2.5", depth-0.8" Paper inserts - 9"
  • šŸšUVIVERSAL USE - Steamer is deal forooking or reheating and serving vegetables, dim sum, dumplings, seafood, bao buns, meat, rice, etc.
  • šŸ„—HEALTHY COOKING - It is scientifically proven - steaming is a healthier method of cooking compared to frying, stewing, or boiling. Steaming allows your food to retain more nutrition elements contained in product